wanganui ring finger ninja magician
August 8, 2011, 6:29 pm
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…or the one like chris moore, as some know him by day.

he is a qualified graphic designer, but not many people know that he can also do a multitude of other random stuff like brewing beer, furniture makery, standing backflips and, amongst the rest of his hidden ninja skills, jewellery.

a while back, i saw a prototype ring he had whipped up in an afternoon or something, and thought it was pretty shit-hot. it was around the same time i decided to ask this lady the big question. chris was around when me and amy met, also teaching the 英語 in 日本, so i figured who better to have make a ring for amy? even if he had only made a couple before? sweet as!

today, he sent a 352 image gallery (!),  narrating the painstaking process of making not only the ring, but the handmade box it came in. it is somewhat of a journey, and an amazing insight into chris’ ninjery.

he keeps his blades sharp, even his own finger got ninja’d!

if you or anyone you love ever needs any rings, coffee tables, beer or websites made, this man is your man. i think he is too busy making other stuff to even have got around to making a website for himself, so contact him at


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Is that photo from when I tried making an octopus cocktail?

Comment by Chris

Oh boohoo I cant see the image gallery!

Comment by Sister of Hhhhhbarnie

Bayden Harnie isn’t too good at the old internuts. Try this link instead…

Comment by Chris

that photo is from the beach in kochi when you caught that octopus with your teeth, wasn’t it?

Comment by barniedidit

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