rocky mountain high
June 17, 2011, 1:15 am
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high on caffeine and THC it seems. possibly not as much as san francisco, but this isn’t really the epicentre of hippiedom ay. nevertheless, in denver there seems to be a medical pot dispensary on every corner, madness!

drive-thru doobies, anyone?

anyway, eric from two rivers coffee in denver chucks a bit of the ole supreme south through the clover. they were pretty impressed with our beans fullas…

next on our list was denver roasting company, novo coffee co. for a coffee cupping. cupping has nothing to do with weighing testicles, it’s about tasting coffee. just so ya know.

they had 4 coffees to taste, 3 from the hartmann farm in panama and one colombian bean. these dudes have a pretty close connection to the hartmann family farm, and get an inside line on the choicest harvests of each season. chooice!

the cupping was a success, roaster erich really knows his shit, and the panama gesha was the winner on the day.

erich does most of their work on this sweet ole vittoria hot air roaster. the novo dudes were super friendly and are pushing their coffee in the right direction, against the tide of the starbucks culture that the greater US is still mired in.

next up on the fuck starbucks denver coffee mish was happy coffee located in denver’s sweetest bike shop, salvagetti.

owner dustin is another denverite who knows his beans from shite. somehow, he had talked both san francisco’s four barrel and portland’s heart roasters to supply his little joint. he delivered a shorty of four barrel’s big juicy friendo blendo every bit as good as the one i got at their roastery shop a week ago.

coffee + bikes = so hot right now. fucking beeber was there too, and he tried to steal my chick. i knocked his little bitch arse out, and left without paying. accidentally.

too much cofffeeeee, time to chiiiiiilll!!!


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