if you’re going to san-fran-cisco…
June 8, 2011, 4:39 am
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…be sure to bring stuff to do while you’re waiting for your delayed flight from LAX! we spent approximately 10 hours sealed inside this hellhole, trying to find somewhere to sleep to little avail. amy did some skipping outside the entrance to the 1st class lounge to pass the time.

after some well deserved sleep, we were unleashed on san francisco!

our friends cath and lars took us to hang out on this amazing ole boat that their friends are fixing up, the fifer.

the one like HRH prince phillip once stayed on this ship, back in the day. classy as it gets ay…

not too fast, thanks. we’re on holiday.

actually, we never left the bay, fifer is still undergoing restoration.

big up to lars the swedish pirate for hooking that up!




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if you’re stuck in an airport, go find the showers. They’ll be somewhere, maybe in one of the airport hotels, and for some bucks you can have a mean as shower. It’s seriously the shit.

Comment by Chris

chris moore, i will not shower in an urinal.

Comment by barniedidit

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