ridiculously busy and shit at keeping this blog blogged / 忙しすぎてブロッグができないの最近。
July 25, 2010, 10:54 pm
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and it’s all these guys fault. この下のやつ達のせだよ。

since moving to melbourne to resume coffee smashery and world domination with coffee supreme, i have had barely a spare moment to do time-wasterly things like let friends and whanau what has been going on. this is because everyone in melbourne is completely apeshit for coffee, and i can safely say, without a hint of bias, that coffee supreme just happens to bust out the best coffee in melbourne right now. all of which means we are busier than ten one-legged men leading an arse kicking contest the size of a large city.


at last count, melbourne was expanding at a rate of 90,000 people a year, or more than 1700 a week.  96% were new zealanders. that is possibly an exaggeration, but that’s the way it seems. there are SO many effing kiwis here, least at enough to make up another couple of levins.



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