recently listening to…/最近これを聞いている。
July 25, 2010, 11:48 pm
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APRIL/四月: in april, i mostly listened to the black keys. their album ‘chulahoma: the songs of junior kimbrough’ is amazing, as is singer dan auerbach’s solo album, ‘keep it hid’.

4月に、the black keysにだいたい聞いた。’chulahoma: the songs of junior kimbrough’って言うアルバムが凄くいい、それにバンドの歌手dan auerbachのソロアルバムもうまい。

MAY/五月: in may, i mostly listened to screamin’ jay hawkins. he is a crazy son of a boitch, to say the least, especially for his day, the 1950’s. before he was a singer, jay was the middleweight boxing champion of Alaska!  i learned to speak many more languages in may, thanks to his song ‘hong kong’. incidentally, jeff buckley does an awesome cover of screamin’ jay’s ‘alligator wine’…

5月に、screamin’ jay hawkinsにだいたい聞いた。彼はちょっとクレージだ、特に1950年代のアメリカにいったの。歌手になったの前、screamin’ jayはアラスカのボクシングのチャンピオンだよ!それじゃ、jeff buckleyがscreamin’ jayの’alligator wine’っていう曲でいいコピーした。

JUNE/六月:in june, i mostly listened to the misfits. not surprisingly, as we got busier and busier at work, my choice of music also got, um, busier. the lyrics in most of the misfits songs are super ridiculous, but go pretty well with road rage.

6月に、the misfitsにだいたい聞いた。やっぱり、仕事がどんどん忙しくなって、選んだ音楽もちょっと忙しぽいがしまった。misfitsの歌詞がいつもきたないだ面白いけど!


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Long time no see buddy!
You seem to keep on studing Japanese!!

Are you riding there?
We do!
Nothing changes in Tokushima.

Airin $ Ethmin are growing.
Tomoko is fine too!

Comment by masami

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