February 25, 2010, 2:11 pm
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me and the amy are gonna be out of japan soon, so before i leave osaka i have to big up what has become my local riding spot of late. even though it’s over an hour away on the train, (that’s osaka for ya) it’s always worth the journey…


nishinomiyahama, postcode 662-0934, AKA 662 trails (say roku-roku-ni).

i first went here a couple of years back, and even then it was pretty apparent that 662’s little scene is a bit different to other trails spots. for a start, the riding/digging population isn’t comprised solely of ratty 16-25 year old males, all riding either only bmx or mt. bikes. there are dudes in their 40s, kids as young as 6 and ladies riding. maybe more like your local BMX club than a shady riding spot.

aside from the family atmosphere, there are also some durry smoking beer swilling locals who can blast, too…

…and it’s always a good time when chris starts busting out sexy bar – hump airs in the middle of a run.

from these pics, it’s pretty apparent that the scene at 662 is really well documented. all thanks to two amazing photographers, who shoot most weekends and know the light conditions almost too well. they consistently crank out some of the best quality riding pics i’ve ever seen. check their flickr pages here and here.

the weather’s warming up here a little bit now, so before we move to MELBOURNE in a MONTH (!) i hope to get a couple more mint sunday-arvo-til-dusk sessions in at 662.


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Hayds!! Was jus thinking bout you and wondering how you been recently so I decided to look you up. Life’s looking very fun! You see Bess in Melbourne? I just might have to visit what with half of everyone I know living over there.

Comment by Tracy

tracy kaneshiro! melbourne’s good, i didn’t know bess was here though! come for a holiday next summer, j.q. featherpuss should be back by then…

Comment by barniedidit

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