home sweet as home, homes…
January 21, 2010, 5:32 pm
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aw luv nyuw zullnd ay, bluddy greeouse playce!

cheers to everyone we caught up with at xmas/newyears, and see ya next time to everyone we didn’t…

ps. when we got back to osaka, we found out that we live in  the middle of dodgy japanese gangland. want decent proof?


went to the little joint round the corner to get some udon for lunch, and this dude is four big beers deep at lunch time sunday. he started talking at us, friendly enough dude, and i had a memo written on my hand which he mistook for a tattoo. hey, speaking of tattoos…

um, hehe, faaark…

we had planned to walk to the top of the hill after lunch, which we did (and i subsequently found the best mountain bike trail in a long time,  i currently have no mt. bike though!), but not before coming across this.

i’m pretty sure it was just a fake plastic model, but i have never seen a real handgun before. so, we walked to the top of the hill.

and then.

on the way back down, just past where we stumbled across the fake ‘double eagle’ we see three skeeetchy looking cats making their way out of the trees, one with a hefty looking duffel bag, and one with a pump-action shotgun casually slung over his shoulder!

i couldn’t help it, but i looked twice, then offered a friendly ‘konnichiwa! and kept walking, pretty stoked we were near the local fishing hole. i’m pretty sure they weren’t hunting, in the army or the armed offenders squad. i’m pretty sure they were just sketchy. that is all..


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