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November 13, 2009, 6:05 pm
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yay, lately i have been able to ride a bit, because i now live closer to rad trails! stranglely enough, living in the home of awesome cameras, lately every time i ride someone is shooting photos. awesome ones.  back in august i went up to nagano for a weekend, and these ones came thru the tube afterwards.


while we were cooking up a storm, one of the boys pulled this out of his chilly bin. guess what it is? go on…


well, it used to be a dolphin. and yes i tried some. and yes, it was shitty. it was marinated to hell, and apparently it is shitty as sushi, and shitty if its not marinated. i rest my case for letting the dolphin live, but ichipon was still not convinced!

anyway, back to bmx

662 trails near kobe are about an hour on the train (!) from our new pad, which is the closest i’ve lived to decent jumps for far too long! they are pretty fun, just needs a few trees around the place ay. sugiyama-san who shot these is a photo ninja, here’s his flickr.


all was well until some betty stole my bike, she was alright for a first-timer too.


plenty more where that came from…


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Barnie you geriatric tabo ninja!~!!!! mean flatties bro!!

Comment by thomas

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