November 13, 2009, 8:42 pm
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…i’ve been exceptionally shit at posting anything on here. but hey, when the weathers been as good as late summer gets here, fuck the internet ay!

starting from september, we been busy as heeeell:


well, more like the boonies outside of osaka really, its pretty chill.


just up the hill from our pad, you get a good idea of just how effing HUUUUUGE osaka is, mang. concrete horizon for ya (clicky for the bigness).


however, living in a HUUUGE place has afforded us the opportunity to do some pretty interesting shite already…


…like go to the love hotel with a bumper car in the room. emphasis on the singular, there was only one. and i think we broke it. nevermind.

also, the one like timoteus ignatius of neeuw zeelund was here for a month-ish on the charge. so we did a bit of…



and with the help of some nice japanese public holiday long weekends we got to go check out some cool stuff, just like real tourists! first up, the best sushi in namba.


and then…


say no more. aside from plenty good food and drink, we saw a lot of cool stuff too, even for us salty dogs who have been here a while. we were lucky enough to do catch this dude in kyoto.


eihito kanazawa, a japanese blues legend. he is blind, plays guitar and harmonica, and sings tales of whiskey, women, shochu and woe, all with a wicked sense of humour. all thanks to these cool cats, and their dog. ありがとう!


the week after, we went back to shikoku to show timo around and hit up the niihama taiko matsuri (niihama drum festival). epic!


basically what happens (i think) is a bunch of fullas get together and carry these massive and elaborately decorated portable wooden shrines (mikoshi) from the middle of town out to the hills.


each mikoshi has a big arse taiko drum and one hot sweaty drummer inside bashing away. then, to add to the weight (about 2tons) four dudes jump up on top and start screaming and gesturing for the poor bastards who are carrying to jostle this way and jerk that way, so they can smash it into the other teams mikoshi. its pretty confusing and crazy.


fair play on the grimaces – these things weigh as much as your dad’s truck, the fullas have to carry them for ages, and they are drunk. what a way to while away a summer day. ay?


well, the local yakuza think so. haircuts in full effect!


foreign retards, also in full effect!


japanese ladies in full effect!


sleepy old geezers lost his shoes in full effect!

recently, we played another gig with the recently dead but resurrected fixations. it was on halloween, at a halloween party for halloween, and i ain’t one for halloween costumes or from a country where they have halloween, and i have never even seen a any of the halloween movies, but hey we rocked it as zombies. and as we all know,



best part of the evening was when the cops showed up, stopped in the stairwell as i was walking down, and asked the dudes at the door if i had been injured and if was okay. safety first – japanese cops are top fullas.



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