(friends =) hot shit in a bag
September 4, 2009, 10:52 pm
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…is the new best saying, thanks to our friend and pseudo-hotelier melissa wise. she put me and amy up in her massive japanese family mansion palace while we had nowhere to stay in august, and it was radness. here she is showing us all how she told hodgkins lymphoma to fuck right off!


all clear, yee-yeeh!

so me and the amy have moved on from the sweetest little town in japan, ozu-shi. i’m gona miss days like this…


and evenings like this…


dang ozu, it was nice. we’ll be back.

on the subject of friends, we’re going to miss all of the crazy cats at bar louis.


especially mr. masaharu motoki. thanks to to this dude and his sweet little bar, our time in ozu was made all the more enjoyable. wherever you go, it’s always good to meet some locals, and bar louis provided me and amy with the perfect place to do just that.

it’s always easier to speak a different language with a couple of beers under your belt, and one of the best BLTs this side of wellington doesn’t hurt either. everything from dealing with car troubles to moving to osaka was made so much easier with the help of motoki-san and his merry crew of friends.

also on the subject of friends, some have made noises about doing the mish over here to have some whale sushi washed hot sake…

1. timo dicker, big up yourself!


2. karl bentarse-man and his fine lady prue – maybe? no pressure ay kids.


3. my baby sister, annelise barnie – no pressure either!


yeah! all the people thinking about coming over for a holiday – BOOK THAT! we live in osaka now, so no better time to visit a place when you have friends/fam who LIVE there ay.

finally on the subject of friends, i am a facebook avoider – not very friendly, but that shit is the plague. anyway, i had a long lost bro hit me up by way of honest to goodness google searching, and turns out he’s still busting out some sweet paintings just like in high skool. keep it up james…


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