May 13, 2009, 10:20 am
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just got back from chicago, DANG that place is pretty cool. pretty DANG BIG too!

amy’s bro adam and his lady julie got hitched, so i amongst the wedding action, i got showed around and fed like a king thanks to the cohen fam and co. going anywhere new and having the local hookup is the bestest.

flying over alaska at sunrise was a sweet start to the trip. 


no shitty photo can do it justice, that place is immense.

then it was on to real amurrka…


this photo was part of the security screening process at detroit airport. because it was my first time to amurrka, i also had to pledge allegiance to the flag, and eat an xtra-large order of freedom fries while expaining to the man why i had been to countries such as new zealand.


it was great to finally meet amy’s parents.

oh shit, look out…


we went past bill clinton’s house, it was pretty nice.


hung out with some pretty sketchy locals…


coming from homogenous little japan, i think the craziest thing about chicago was all the different people living there. i think i heard another different language spoken at least once a day. nevermind chinatown, how many other places have a ‘ukrainiantown’? the other crazy thing for me was the big city BIGNESS.

i’m not quite a total small-town barnyard hickabilly, but DAAAANG…


this big shiny thing is pretty dang cool too…


also, somehow, i was lucky enough to ride some amazing trails while over there. amy’s little bro showed me the spot, stealthy as hell, built by some fullas who know all about flow, and only about 5mins from their house!


they were far too sweet to pass up, even with no insurance or helmet, so i pumped up the tyres on his 1997 $150 k-mart schwinn power-matic,  ditched the pegs and hit them up.


i never got to meet the builders, and can’t find any info about them online, not that surprising in the united states of lawsuits though. smart fullas keep good trails pretty stealthy anyway.

anyway, adam and julie’s wedding was awesome, they managed to create a ceremony that included their jewish, japanese, polish, and irish catholic heritage, and had the reception in the chicago conservatory (the most gigantic greenhouse you have have ever seen, full of exotic plants from everywhere, epic)!


big up to the cohens, and to quote one of chicago’s own, wesley willis – “ROCK ON CHICAGO!”


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no prob on the tix. glad you enjoyed chicago. sick blog, ride on!

Comment by Riley Freeman

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