地獄谷 / jigokudani / hell valley
April 1, 2009, 12:33 pm
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last weekend i finally got around to going up to hiroshima to ride this place. i can safely say that if this is hell, then heaven can get effed cos this is where i’m headed…

the trails are reputedly the best in japan, and have been around for more than 10 years. the locals still don’t know who owns the land. this derelict scooter was covered in stickers indicating to any old school rider just how old the place is. 


a little bit of surgery. i managed to remember how to ride trails after a while, but not before rolling into the biggest line and casing the shit out of this landing. 


faaaar too long since i rode proper trails…


this is trail boss sasaki-san, a.k.a. tarbow. one of the chillest dudes i have ever met, on and off the bike. like any good trail boss, he eats four bowls of Boosty-Pops for breffuss every morning, as you can plainly see here.


another local, mitochi-san. busting out nice cranked t-downs like this all day. later on he missed his pedals doing some trick, removed most of the flesh from his shins. he just cursed quietly in japanese whilst smoking a durry and went straight back to more cranked turndowns. awesome.



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