exceptionally shit at blogging
March 19, 2009, 3:54 pm
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yes i am. 

but that’s because i have been doing actual stuff, and i think i waste enough time on the inter-ma-web as it is. jeezus, imagine if i was all up in that face-stalk jibber-jab twitter chat business, how do people get anything done these days without feeling the need to let half the world know exactly what their ‘current status’ is?

anyway, here’s what’s been cracking in western middle-of-nowhere japan lately. lately being the last 3 months, hehe.

going outside – these days i live in a fully sweet little corner of rural japan, and its surrounded on all sides by nice big hills. the weather has been pretty mint too, so whenever possible me and amy have been out amongst it.


in search of…


trails to ride my sorely underused mt. bike on. turns out the hills around here are full of sorely underused trails. with views like this…


and this. it’s nice i like.


this is on a privately owned mountainside, specifically used for the purpose of getting sketchy on two wheels.


inobuu says “two wheels good, four wheels bad!” my friends from the local hotrod shop ride moto here most weekends, and they let me come get all sketchy too. ratty old KX80’s still have horribly kicky powerbands…


latest front wheel technology secret R&D testing.


then up another mountain last weekend, we came across where these dudes were jumping off, out into the sky. awesome.



also on the going outside tip, lately i have been back in the non-profit business of

dirt farming – i was shown a mint spot for making a few dirty lumps to jump, so here goes nothing. all going well, i should have a spot to ride this summer…



i’m thinking about naming the spot pandaland, cos there’s so much effing bamboo growing, and them shits is a bitch to dig through. ah yer, and amy helps me dig sometimes, and thinks its fun!  

the trails aren’t riding yet, so i get to ride this jerk joint every now and again, when i’m in the hood.



meh, i’d give it a 4 and a half out of 11, its another tennis court of a japanese skatepark. better than nothing though.


what else, ah yer..


music – i’m in a band, hahaaa! no really, somehow, i am, see.


so we are an 8-piece (hell yes, 8! 4 ladies on the singing, 4 fullas on the riddim) band called the fixations and we haphazardly play stomping covers of old motown, 60’s r&b, soul and funk stuff (with some originals in the works. no plans for world domination, it’s all just excellent fun, and the crowd mostly likes it, so thats good too.


being a bunch of foreigners temporarily living in japan, about half the band went home last year. i got voted in by default, because i have a van that’s big enough to haul a double-bass around the place, and probably because amy is the singer. and because bass is relatively easy to learn and nobody notices too much if you fuck up a bit. i hope.

ah yer, i’m also…

the master of brefusses – cos i work arvos and evenings now. so i can chill on the brefuss and i got my game well down. practice makes perfect as they say. now i’m not turning into one of those weirdos that always takes photos of their food at restaurants, but just so ya know, almost every morning i’m filling my boots on some of this action…


banana pancakes & maple syrup and some fresh as japanese oranges? god damn!


scrambled eggs and grilled tomatoes on some black sesame toast, and oh dang there was some left over smoked salmon that day, cherr bro, chuck that on there! ah, and always with some fresh stovey brew strong-arse coffee. i am the master of that shit too. just so ya know.

somehow, i still don’t have a saggy pie gut. 

that’s about all. except for studying the annoyingly difficult language of this country, a test of which i recently passed unto the third realm of cleverness. but i still suck at it, a lot. it makes me feel okay when i see signs like this though, cos all japanese people study english at school from junior high through til the end of high school.


hehe, guess its still not as bad/good as HARD OFF though, and they’re everywhere.

that’s all for another 3 months, now get off your computer and go outside!


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