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November 7, 2008, 12:59 pm
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yeah and welcome, too…

so i’ve finally got a website up to let the people see some of my scribbles ay! only about 5 years late, but there wasn’t a free wordpress blog that you can add pages and image libraries to 5 years ago either.

have a look around, and let me know if there is anything bung on your browser. it should be sweet as for firefox and safari on the mac, but i dunno about explorer or the new google browser.

and if you like what you see or need some artwork done, hook a fulla up! i have a LOT of spare time on my hands at the moment, and it’s getting cold in japan now so i’ll be painting…




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Oh, yeah, hai. I’m trying to access your website with netscape navigator 3 on my pentium 486 with 64 megs of ram. It’s not working, I’m getting page breaks and raw code dumps all over the show. Terrible stuff. Fix it up would ya.

Comment by Chris

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