the spare room…
September 30, 2008, 1:33 pm
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surprisingly enough, amy’s house is big enough to have a spare room. unheard of in japanese apartments. since i work afternoons/evenings and because amy is awesome, i have been allowed to convert it into a bit of a space to do some painting. i made a sweet painting desk out of half a sheet of plywood, an old electric organ that amy’s neighbours ‘gave’ her (it sounds like the score from an old black and white horror movie), and a couple brackets and screws. nice! me and a local dude are planning to have an exhibition here in
ozu in november-ish, so it’s on now…

 ah and see that big double-bass in the corner? somehow, i’m gona be playing that thing in a band now! hahaa! it’s pretty fun, and not too obvious when i make mistakes. rock on!


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Yo Negro!!!! surely there must be a museum somewhere in japan that’ll give you good money for that vintage apple paper weight of yours!!!! ha, drop us a line to next time you on line,

chur bro..


Comment by Thomas

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