toyota museum
September 3, 2008, 1:17 pm
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went to the toyota museum when i was in nagoya, it was pretty sweet. definitely a lot more to see than toyotas anyway, it was more like being 5 looking at my grandad’s model car cabinet.

this was the first toyota, not bad for a first effort ay. could even make a good hotrod…
this was retarded. at first i thought it was a vintage fire engine, but its actually a rolls royce silver ghost. so big and over the top. i think i was about as tall as one of the wheels. 
rolls royce – making england look like complete wankers since ages ago.
i had no idea that france decided art nouveau extended to car design…
old school bugatti GP car. things like this were driven all kinds of sideways on sketchy tracks where the cars got air by crazy old bastards wearing leather caps and no seatbelt. radness.
hehe. i wouldn’t be surprised to see this little dude rolling down the street in japan today.
mint. of course the toyota museum had a 2000GT.
original ones sell for retaaaarded prices here.
probably the cleanest landcruiser in the world.
then things got all speed racer on it…
…and they had this datsun on hand for racer X.
no car from japan could ever be as mean as this though.

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