tokyo design festa
May 23, 2008, 2:56 am
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last weekend me, amy, melissa and ninja chris did the mish up to the seething megalopolis that is tokyo to check out the annual tokyo design festa. it was insanely huge to say the very least, over 3000 people from all over asia exhibiting, selling or forcing postcards of their work on you. it’s run on a come one come all basis, so you can imagine the range of stuff that we saw. i didnt take many photos, but here’s a few to give you an idea…

first, the otaku (ie. japanese uber-geeks).

i think this fulla is a mighty morphin power ranger, or maybe captain planet. whatever the case, he was rocking a pretty hilarious sidepipe. check yo’self before you wreck yo’self…

this dude (or his mum) had obviously spent days if not weeks hand making his gundam getup, possibly out of milk cartons and second-hand latex s&m gear. full credit for concealing the junk though.

okay, on to the art.

this was about the size of a big kid, and as it was stuck up at the top of that wobbly pole, the dangly snot would swing to and fro. awesome. the guy exhibiting this was about as serious-looking as john fuckin’ rambo.

these were pretty cool, so me and amy got one each. striking resemblance ay? they are cut out from old receipts, and the girl who makes them was just chilling in her booth making one every few minutes from a pile of receipts on the floor. she’s also down with chu-baka…

these were craaazy, and got a lot of attention. skeletons and exoskeletions of all kinds of random critters dyed bright juicy colours, and bottled. delicious.

somehow, these cats got two massive walls to paint on. the tiny booths cost about 250,000yen (NZ$300ish) for the weekend, so they must be made guys or something.

this was awesome, and a pretty good reflection of tokyo. this dude had constructed a couple of fully lit cardboard models of crazy ramshackle inner-city tenements. it kinda looked like the crooked old man from the crooked house with the crooked cat had become an architect or something.

the level of detail was amazing…

chris got talking to this sculptor jeweller dude who makes these crazy rings. he said this one is for producing clouds!

the next day we were fully arted out (or was it co we slept at an internet cafe in shibuya?). we went to go check the studio ghibli museum, but it was feckin’ closed, fortunately drinking in the park is almost as much fun…

..especially when some random fulla decides to start rocking the shit out of his shamisen (ol skool japanese guitar, plung-dunnng-dukka-dung-bung) under some massive old trees…

…and you know how to make awesome drinks out of only sake, fresh fruit and a ziploc bag.

i’m happy. so is ninja chris.

muh-lissa is HAPPY. or going for a dump in the park.

amy is NOT drunk in the park, see?


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should i go ahead n buy uniqlo shirt(s) & give it to you to sprayz

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you get some \.
and food.
and dranks.


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