中バカ(chu-baka) and even more tees.
May 23, 2008, 4:31 am
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a while ago, i was drunk with the guys i ride bikes with. one of them randomly started making beast noises that sounded remarkably like chewbacca, so i mentioned that. much laughter ensued, because ‘chewbacca’ translates phonetically in japanese to mean something like average/mediocre (中-chu) idiot (バカ-baka ). anyway, i made a 中バカ stencil, and found some awesome fabric spraypaint so here’s some stickers and more tees…

he’s anwsering the phone at the wrong end, which is kind of how i feel trying to communicate in japan sometimes. idiot…

(clicky for bigness) if you want one, drop me an email and 2000yen/NZ$30 (incl postage). i got more colours available, and the tees are quality uniqlo blanks.

ah yeah, and more tees…

this is what 1000 tees strung up on a beach looks like. we went camping a few weekends ago, and lo and behold there was an art competition on. instead of putting the work in a stuffy gallery, everything gets scanned and printed on white tees, and displayed on the beach. awesome idea.


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hmm, maybe wearing my chubaka tshirt for my judo test will put my opponent off. Gonna give it a go!

Comment by ninja chris


Comment by KumaSquatch!

u should make a chyu baka tshirt too!

Comment by ninja chris

up date your brog wigaaaa

Comment by Anonymous

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