February 7, 2008, 4:04 pm
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ive been going hard on the brushes lately. my skatepark bro takao runs this fully sweet little teishoku cafe right in the middle of tokushima city. i hit him up a while ago about the idea of putting up some of my work, and he was pretty keen.

i decided to call the show kiaora. all the paintings were done on random bits of wood that i came across, and ‘ki’ (木) can mean tree, wood or spirit in japanese. that and just saying hi to japan like a kiwi ay…

no artwank wine and cheese exhibition opening, just friends, beers and takao-san’s awesome food for dinner. casey, jeff and tracy, cheers.

my bike riding bros brought their whole whanau!

there is something wrong with jon’s head. and his face looks pretty weird here too.

sweet home shikoku

kawaii kujira (cute whale). could you eat that?

west (nishi 西) meets east (higashi 東). of course here it would probably be read east meets west.

koi carp.

alien registration. thanks to amy for the wood, and fugazi for the words.


blueprints for the soon to be released japanese police/ambulance/fire/safety-bot.

samurai salaryman.

thinking thoughts.

the one like kirin. he signifies prosperity, and beer.

the crane wife. its a japanese folk story.

inside japan.

travelling on.

sumimasen. this means ‘excuse me’ in english.

wakaranai. it means ‘i don’t know/understand’.

kaeru. the kanji means ‘to return (home)’.

this is painted on a box thats used for drinking sake. sake is called nihon-shu. my apartment is about as big as a shoebox, or a shu-box.

we went back to YRG for lunch the next day. takao has something different and awesome to eat every day except thursday. then he goes skating. keep it real.

amy completely engrossed in short story land. if you find a travel-ish magazine called paper sky, get it – it rules.

josh and mari, proving that the food is so good it makes you do this.


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i found you.
first off….wow! i’m well impressed with your work. which do you have left after the exhibit? i’d certainly like to buy on some o those!
i really love the graffiti influence, the stylized shapes and lines, and you work with an earthy yet poppin pallette that i really feel. you’ve got nice smarts in there and a sense of humour. really really well done.
howz your thinking on collaborations?

Comment by Terri

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