August 8, 2007, 9:25 am
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here`s a few things that have sprung forth from my pens and brushes this year…

bmx seat graphic for wethepeople`s seatbeat exhibition/contest.
you don`t really sit down when you`re an overgrown monkey riding a kid`s bike, so when do bmxers sit down? ahhh yeh, beer….

t-shirt graphic for quietchaos clothing.
my mate lester got his clothing company moving this year, quietchaos has a range of good quality jeans, tees and other good stuff out now. check out
it was cool to be able to help him out from the other side of the world.

homemade samurai stickers.
i have seen a couple of pretty amazing ukiyo-e exhibitions, and then i found a place that sells a 20pack of good sticky sticker paper for 500yen. that and stencilling here could probably land me in jail, with bumtachi the bad sumo.

illustration of japanese school lunch.
i get to eat what the kids here get served up for lunch every day. it`s pretty interesting, like when you get told that today`s kyushoku is whale. this ended up on the cover of a lesson-planning mag for all the english teachers here in tokushima.

t-shirt graphic for wine marlborough festival.
before my sister sarah barnie was an expectant muzza, she could drink wine and worked for wine marlborough. again, nice to be able to help out when i`m a long way from home.


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