June 15, 2007, 10:34 am
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i went to kochi-ken last weekend and went a bit mental taking photos, so here ya go. kochi is the southernmost prefecture of shikoku, the second poorest prefecture in japan and subsequently, the the least concreted.

a big bad storm was brewing as we left tokushima, fork lightning is my new favourite thing.

heading out of one of the 869 tunnels on the kochi expressway. they dont mess around with going over hills here, just straight through them. this one was 4km long. transmission gully my arse!

on the way to the beach, the name of which we still don’t know. i’m pretty sure it’s just ‘ that awesome beach’.

ty the caveman.

that awesome beach at dawn.

looking the other way. we could see fork lightning going nuts out in the pacific for most of the night, and it was raining cows and horses in kochi but somehow we were spared from a soaking…

…until later on. i stole this pic from melissa, cos it’s such a goody. the sky actually was purple.

thousands of incredible stones instead of sand.

looking up.

some really salty old samurai is kochi’s folk hero. he is everywhere, always looking like someone just ran over his dog.

me and jon-teacher climbed out over these freaky looking to rocks to check out the surf.


there was no surf, just an awwwwesome sunset. sweet as.


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