May 18, 2007, 4:00 am
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it’s starting to warm up a bit in tokushima now and we are catching the first glimpses of the various otaku species to come out of winter bedroom hibernation. let’s take a look at a couple of examples from this diverse species…

mulletty otaku (birireisairasu marreto sukidesu) : this is a rare glimpse of a fully developed male mulletty otaku displaying full plumage at such early stage in the season. even rarer is the fact that this specimen was spotted in tokushima, as the mulletty otaku is a native species of north american country and western bars.

radio otaku (okiiantena sukidesu) : the elusive radio otaku seen here has emerged from bedroom hibernation with an impressive array of heavy-duty electronic communcation equipment gathered over the cold winter months. this specimen was spotted in a prime location for radio otaku, alone in a small car, beeping away in morse code at the top of the 800m hill.


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