rifling through drawers
May 9, 2007, 9:31 am
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when i was chilling at my olds place in alexandra i got a bit bored. only just enough to start wasting time on playstation, but then i found all this amazing old stuff. as you do.

a mmmiint condish 1984 wm9 sony walkman. when i found it, it had the soundtrack from footloose ready to roll, probably cos mum was using it for jazzercise.

offers anyone? those aren’t the o.g. headphones but dad reckons he has those and the original box stashed somewhere. yeah, in the back of the de lorean i think…

and then i found some photo albums.

me and sarah (actually a natural blond, ahaa!) at manfield racetrack back in ’83 with an angry little ke20 corolla. and shut up about my shorts, i was 5.

dad was (is) a bit of a petrolhead. mum used to drive that car to go do the shopping during the week. it was louder than a bomb, i think it was embarrasing at the time. i can only remember being stoked as hell to go to the shops in a rally car…

…and yeah, it did used to get rallied too.

dad co-drivered in a few national rally champs too, 1300cc class winners ’83, that was one fee-aasst starlet.

in ’84 they got a a new hachiroku (ae86) corolla, and fully sideways like it should be.

these days, much later in life, the ol’ man has slowed down a lot as you can tell by his choice of vehicle. and no he won’t let me drive it. yet…


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