April 5, 2007, 6:29 am
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shanghai. compared to beijing it’s not really like china at all. but that’s the whole idea, the movers and shakers of shanghai want to make it an international city of massive proportions. ‘large scale property development’ is a huge understatement when describing this place, its unbelievable. there is so much of shanghai that has only been built in the last 5-10 years and just as much currently under construction. the smog is pretty unbeleivable too…

pudong, viewed from the bund. apparently 15 years ago this was all farmland. yikes. and yes thats all tasty smog blocking the view.

i saw this vuitton purse floating by and it summed up shanghai city pretty well for me. the pursuit of material wealth and the facade of luxury surrounded by a disregard for the city’s environmental wellbeing. the central city is pretty clean and looks nice but beware, do not drink the water in shanghai.

all over shanghai the old neighbourhhoods are being flattened to make way for more hi-rise buildings. check the glass shards set in the top of the wall- to keep away the pigeons or property developers?

a bit of ol skool china amongst the morning traffic.

fortunately me and mark stumbled into this little old market neighbourhood in the old town area, and it was humming.

all kinds of crazy shit was getting cooked up and consumed here, what poor beast do these parts come from?

the way to dry your laundry in the hood. i was taking this photo when some guys tried to sell us hash. in china. shaaady.

another shot from the same neighbourhood. that red basin in the background is full of baby eels. at least i think they were eels.

this is the shanghai senior citizens shaolin kung fu attack squad in training. see i told you it was a heavy scene, even the oldies are bad asses.

one of the main reasons i wanted to come to shanghai was to check out the world’s biggest cement skatepark. like the rest of shanghai’s recent developments it is ridiculously holy shit big, both in area and in scale. 16ft vert bowl anyone?

this is only HALF of it. ah and check out how crowded this place was on a saturday arvo. hahaha!
i didn’t bring my bike and had to hire a roachy mongoose to have a ride, but i will be back.

the only local at the park was from bloody aussie mate. he had the lines down, getting all loopy on it. nice one george.


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