April 5, 2007, 2:03 am
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beijing was the first stop on our rush trip of china, and 3 days is officially not enough time to check out this place. it is gigantor. we got to see maybe half of what we wanted to check out, and i was pretty blown away by what we did get to see. the sights, the smells, the sounds and the overall pace of life here are all completely mental.

the family living next to where we stayed. long live china, long live the hutongs!

outside the entrance to the forbidden city, bow down. big brother is still watching, although these days his main influence is in the sales of ‘hey! you buy mao watch? mao book? mao postcard? cheap!’

this place was cranking. but if you don’t want to buy anything, do not make eye contact with anything. in fact close your eyes.

the next day we headed to the forbidden city, former home of china’s rulers and current home to dead mao and a whole load of olympic-preparation-scaffolding . this pic is of the main temple, but this is only about 1/8th of the entire place. its so huge that it has a full time non-stop restoration team that gets through the entire city every ten years. dang.

mark admiring the forbidden view.

these fullas were marching around in robo-formation everywhere in beijing, and generally very anti having their photo taken. unless you could sneak up behind them, muuhahahaaa.

true dat. a temple in the garden area of the forbidden city, i think this used to be beautiful.

the monument in tiananmen square. the detail on this is incredible. this image could represent china today, just imagine they are pushing forward in pursuit of the west and replace mao’s head with a big fat dollar sign.

poor old boy having some mechanical issues with his rig. he was pretty lucky not to get killed by hi-speed horn blaring psychopaths about three times when i shot this. bikes used to be the mode of transport in china, but the automobile has definitely arrived.

the wall is about a couple of hours out of beijing, and we got to see some of rural china along the way. shepherd and his crew on the side of the highway.

oh dear. something has to be said about the shady standard of driving in beijing. traffic lights and centre lines are meaningless here, chaos reigns supreme on the roads. i think the theory is as long as you are riding the horn you will be safe. this was on the way to the great wall just after getting past a two-truck pileup. i have never seen a full-size passenger bus stop and decide to do a 3-point turn on the main highway but here it is kids.

and then there’s the wall…



and furthermore

once again, photos cannot do justice. if you get a chance to check out the wall, please do so. it will blow your tiny mind.

this brother was sat at the highest point of the pass, and of all the crap-selling hawkers along the way he was the coolest. rocking the old commie garb, not hassling us, just chilling out in one of the most beautiful places in china selling warm cans of beer and baichu. classic.


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