i live in flatland land
March 14, 2007, 1:55 am
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so it turns out i live in the japanese capital of flatland. for those of you who don’t know about flatland, it’s kind of the mutant stepchild of freestyle bmx and ice skating or something. more of a performance art than an extreme stuntcock x-games thing. anyway, its something that isn’t seen too much in NZ and the guys here are ridiculously good, i can only watch in awe.

tatsumi doing his thing at the local spot in ryogokubashi.

last month redbull had a world invitational comp in tokyo recently, the best 18 riders worldwide including 2 guys from tokushima. hiro got 2nd, yeah that’s pretty good.



a week before the redbull comp the local crew had a hanami party at their riding spot in ryogokubashi, to celebrate the sakura blossoms you can see in the pic. it was sweet as, they had a big pot of nabe cooking all night, plenty of beer, music and riding. Y1000 for all you could eat and drink, and they didn’t even mind a dirty gaijin crashing the party! it was rocking along nicely and then the 5-0 showed up to do their job…


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