bmx or lack thereof
November 21, 2006, 5:22 am
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for all the fools who are wondering what’s up with riding the kids bike over here, this is it for the moment.

uchinomi park in naruto. to get here takes about 40min on a slow crappy train, then a 15min ride from the station. it’s a pretty nice spot though, good enough for an arvo mish.
the ramps are made out of some kind of fiberglass on precast concrete bases, it looks all slick and dodgy but its super grippy to land on. the small 1/4 is about 5ft and you have to bounce off the coping a bit to air it and the biggy on the far side is probably about 8ft and almost vert. you can just hit it and go higher than the back rail, it’s mmmint. the fagbox in the middle is a waste of time on a bmx, but not as gay as island bay’s one.
i have witnessed some of the fruityest examples of fruit-booting here in the past couple of weeks, you know when they fruitboot backwards, all arse pointing towards the ramp and then do some gay spin and fall over. its awesome.

and then there’s g-skates in kobe. i went to a comp here, and this place is spaz-tastic. it has everything except dancing girls. its owned by froot-booters too, the world champ yasutoko bros. but this park is so good and they go so high that you have to forgive them. everything is skatelite and built to perfection.
it costs to ride but only about 20bucks and you can ride from midday to 10pm, cherrrr.

mmm, bowwwl aaaaaaagghghhhhh…


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